Welcome to Flexible Music

By | 21st June 2017

We have finally launched our new website and we couldn’t be happier. Flexible Music has been a dream, a desire and most importantly a need of ours to get our philosophy down on the internet and share and hopefully inspire musicians to go on to bigger and better things.

At Flexible Music we believe that music and the arts are above everything else and we will do our utmost to celebrate the brilliant musicians and artists in the UK and further afield.

When it comes to music genres anything goes. From dance to heavy metal and from punk to hip hop – music is music and who are we to stem the creativity of those who seek to show it through aural means.

If you want to get involved with the website, help manage the content or just want to have a good old browse, why not get in touch and say hi through our contact page or social media pages.

We can’t wait to really get started – enjoy!

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